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Hi ladies! And guys ;) So I have been inactive last year like there’s no way of denying it and hopefully I’m more active this year so I need your help for my blog! Yay! Please please please message me if you have any suggestions for Belle West, I’m considering a change of a url? Is that good or? So yeah um feel free to do so ;) x♥x♥ (wink) (wink) hahaha

recaptivated asked:
love your blog, just followed <3 would you check out mine and follow back if you like? xx

Hi! I know that this was sent last year! I followed you! xx Omg love your posts xo

Anonymous asked:
Hii.. im Malikah Its my high school farewell party this july & I need d perfect look! Do u knw any onl9 sites (i live in india)where I can buy a beautiful dress 4 that day? Please let me know if u do ♥ u'll b saving my life!

Oh my… I am so sorry for the late reply! I’ve been so inactive like in 2013. SOO SORRY :( x um I don’t really do online sites but seems to be popular to us teen girls these days :3 check facebook for some fashion sites, they have like some photos of what they sell :) Anyways have fun honey ;) I really hope this was sent this year (2014) xo Again sorry for the late reply :) omg we totally have like nearly the same name! My first name is Micah btw xx I hope you enjoy your farewell party sweetie! ♥